Lebanon Bundle


63,80 $

Worldwide Delivery

1st in The Arab world

Age 3 to 12

Award-Winning Creators

What is inside the bundle

A personalized adventure story in Lebanon with a name and gender of your choice

Let’s go to the Paris of the Middle East! Personalize this book and make your little one the hero of their own story as they go on an unforgettable adventure to find their missing cat in Lebanon.
As they flip through the pages, your child will learn about their home country’s culture, taste the delicious food (yes, that includes tabbouleh), and meet the most extraordinary characters.

  • Personalization applies inside and on the cover
  • Add your own free dedication to the first page
  • Choose a second language, with standard Arabic being the first
  • Ships worldwide

Size of book closed: 28 x 23cm
Size of book open: 56 x 23cm

And you get 3 posters of this beloved country


Follow the quick steps to customize your book

Select a Second Language *

The book’s First Language is Standard Arabic, please choose the second language.

Arabic Name

Make sure to verify the arabic name

English/French Name *

Make sure to verify the English/French name

Gender *

Select Cover *

Choose the cover of your preference

Add Dedication

📝 This will appear in a message inside the book


Recommanded by Arab parents all over the world

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